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1968 Walberg & Auge Perfection Jazz Outfit in Rogers Blue Strata Pearl 20/14/12/14 Last viewed: 18 minutes ago


Howdy VDF friends

Here's my latest addition to the collection & restoration project: This is a 1968 Walberg & Auge Perfection Jazz Outfit in Rogers Blue Strata Pearl 20/14/12/14

Another real slice of Americana and my second Walberg & Auge kit. These drum sets are true vintage mutt kits and are really unique and sound fantastic.

These non mass produced drums sets were made by the company that provided the metal hardware and hardware designs for the big drum companies in the 1900's. Based in Worcester MA, Walberg and Auge is considered to be, "the biggest unknown name in the history of twentieth-century American percussion" Check out the unique mix of hardware. This drum kit was hand built to 'Perfection' by Robert George Bernard RGB in December 1968. The shells are the early 60's 6 ply Gretsch Jasper shells with the COOLEST MIX of Gretsch, Ludwig, Rogers and W&A hardware. This little jazz set has a 14x20 bass drum, 8x12 tom, 14x14 floor tom (with Ludwig spring loaded legs!!) and 8 lug 5x14 incredible matching snare with an era correct Ludwig P-83 throw off (note Ludwig logo). While the kit is not perfect there are no extra holes or modifications to the drums. Bearing edges are good and the wrap has no cracks or lifting issues. Just some minor scratches to the wrap but the great thing is this unique oyster hides all the imperfections incredibly well. All this kit needed was a deep cleaning so all the hardware was removed & polished by hand. All the shells were buffed out with Novus 1 & 2. All new classic Remo Coated ambassadors and of course the correct Walberg & Auge logo was supplied once again by Jeremy Esposito at W&A. Thank you again Jeremy! Now a really nice players set here in a unique finish in desirable small sizes. The closest wrap I found to resemble this awesome oyster is Rogers Blue Strata Pearl. These little drums sound fantastic with great tone and HUGE projection! The 8 lug Rogers/Ludwig snare drum is OFF the charts! HUGE fat tone & crack!

If you are not familiar with these drums or the company and dig American drum history, I highly recommend checking them out. It's a really interesting read.

I'd like to thank Mr. Joseph Barthelette & Brian Cauti at The AWESOME Wood & Weather Drum Shop in Springfield, MA for this amazing kit. A great small REAL brick and mortar vintage drum shop with lots of excellent vintage kits for sale.

Check them out at:

Also many thanks to Anthony DeFusco at The Village Drum in North Scituate Rhode Island for freeing up that matching incredible snare drum! Check out Tony's store here:

This set is already hogging the gigs. WOW.

Posted on 5 years ago

Some more pics of this awesome sounding little kit.

Going against the Fender wall of bass last weekend was fun. That 20" kick BOOMS!!

Posted on 5 years ago

Fantastic!! I'm totally fascinated by W&A & these are another fine example. The best of all our favourite drums, made with even more love, even rarer & there don't seem to be two exactly the same. Congrats!!

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Posted on 5 years ago


fantastic!! I'm totally fascinated by w&a & these are another fine example. The best of all our favourite drums, made with even more love, even rarer & there don't seem to be two exactly the same. Congrats!!

so much yes!!

Thank you! :)

Posted on 5 years ago
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Awesome set!! Congrats!!


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Posted on 5 years ago
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That's a beautiful wrap. Much prettier than Oyster Blue. What a cool set of drums.

Posted on 5 years ago

Mark - another killer kit for your over the top killer collection - Congrats! If I may ask ... how many kits do you own now ? Also how do you deal with storage and display issues for your collection ? Are you maybe like BEC who I understand has a separate building (barn) for his collection ?

Just curious ... thanks for any comments ... again congrats on a killer vintage drum kit collection !

Drum Doug

Posted on 5 years ago
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This W&A drum fancier would love to have that gorgeous drum set. It deserves the loving care that you provide for your drums.

No matter how far you push the envelope, it is still stationery.
Posted on 5 years ago

Beautiful kit ,I don't post much,but man,in my neck of the woods it is difficult to find vintage drums,a drum kit like this,in my50plus years of gigging around here never! Congrats

Posted on 5 years ago

Glad to see you get that.

I have a few myself and know Jeremy.

One of the nicest guys I know.

That is a sweet wrap for sure.


Posted on 5 years ago