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Tama Swingstar - Restoration Project Last viewed: 27 minutes ago


Incredible job on this kit! It looks beautiful Walking


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Posted on 7 years ago

You are very welcome JB

You did a really unbelievable job on those drums

everything on them looks like new or if not new then certainly well cared for

especially considering the very rough condition they were in when you started


Posted on 7 years ago

Thank you all. Your words mean a lot to me. I spent a lot of time to get the kit to this condition and it's great to know you recognize the effort.

All the best,


Posted on 7 years ago
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Great job. This thread is very helpful to me as Im restoring a couple of vintage 80s swingstar toms

Posted on 7 years ago

WOW! This thread should be considered required reading in the VDF college Drum Restoration major. No prerequisite required. Incredible work and great information. I learned a lot. Thank you JB for documenting your journey for us. This is an inspiration!


late 60s Ludwig Standard kit (blue strata)
late 60s Star kit (red satin)
Tama Rockstar Custom
a few snares ...
Posted on 7 years ago
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I agree, I just read the thread from the beginning and I'll be using some of the methods here for my first restoration project. Great stuff, what an incredible transformation on this Tama kit.

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Not-so-vintage kits:
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Posted on 7 years ago

I realised that didn't leave here the final photos, with complete set. Here they are.

Posted on 7 years ago

the top view

1 attachments
Posted on 7 years ago
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Great job with the resto!! They look very nice!! Now, enjoy them...


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Posted on 7 years ago
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