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Slingerland Avante in Sparkling Orange Pearl




Great looking kit! I re-posted your pictures to keep us from getting dizzy!LoLoLoLo


thanks Mark!! I can never get that right...youdaman! Walking

Posted on 6 years ago


[QUOTE=AlloyBoy;434322]The good people here on this site suggested my set to be '71 or '72. I agree. Your S/N's I would think are maybe '69 or probably '70.

72-ish looks good for your set however '69-early/mid '70 can be ruled out for the Sparkling Orange set as the badges were different. With the 33xxx serial 71-ish for the Sparkling Orange set.

Yes, thank you, you are right! The badge would've been the transition badge if early 1970, or the black/brass if '69, correct?


Posted on 6 years ago

Black/brass badge used into early '70. Transition badge primarily mid '70. All per Dr CJ Wenk.

Posted on 6 years ago


Wow, real sweet! I've never seen the orange sparkle in person. That indeed is rare! I agree with my friend Vibes. I'd keep it. I have a Sparkling Maroon Pearl Avante set. Mine is missing the original 14" so I had to improvise. The rest of the set has 698xx, 698xx, 705xx, 706xx, 706xx. The 14" I had re-wrapped, its S/N is 575xx. The good people here on this site suggested my set to be '71 or '72. I agree. Your S/N's I would think are maybe '69 or probably '70. As Vibes also correctly stated, the beauty of the set is it's versatility. I have mine set up now with the 12,13 and 14 (on a stand) across with the 16 obviously on the floor. The person who owned the set before me put a Ludwig cymbal holder on the 22" bass drum, below the right side tom. I left it there, and have set up the ride cymbal off the BD, with the 13 on the left, the 14 on the stand, the 16 on the floor. It works great any way you set it up. I've included a few photos of some of my setups below. I may be interested in buying them, I'm into rare sets.....let me know! Good luck and thanks for posting the pics. They are beautiful!!

Alloyboy that kit is insane!!!! Everything mine was missing is purchased and on its way! Original and correct mounts, bottom hoop, and trods are their way thanks to the help of some great drummer buddies!!!! I am going to sell whenever I get them complete and can get some pictures up. I’ll shoot you a message! It’d be pretty neat to have both of Slingerlands rarest finishes from that time period!

Posted on 6 years ago