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Ludwig 1974-81

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My Silver Sparkle Ludwigs. 14"x22" 16"x16" 8"x12" 9"x13", 6" 8" 10" 14" 15" 16" Concert Toms. I put rims on the 15" and 16" Concert Toms and have them on a low Tama double floor tom stand. Before, in the 70's I used the double clip stand in a snare base stand for them. I used all kind of different stand and mount configurations, but all the drums are original with no extra holes. I originally had a 1971 Hollywood African Mahogany kit and added the maple concert toms in 1974. So all those drums were 3ply with rerings, including the concert toms. That was my touring kit with "Cornelieus Brothers & Sister Rose" in 1977-78. In 1981 the original Hollywood kit and the 10" and 14" Concert toms were destroyed in a arson club fire. I replaced the destroyed drums with the same which unknown to me were now the 6 ply maple shells. So this existing kit is 1974 3 ply with rerings 6" 8" 15" 16" Concert toms and 1981 6 ply 10" and 14" Concert Toms, with the 1981 6 ply Classic drums in 22" 16" 12" and 13". I should have ordered the 14" as a 14"x14" floor and the 10" as a double headed tom, but I didn't realize at the time. kind of wild how it has all ended up.

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Posted on 9 years ago

Sweet kit !

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Posted on 9 years ago

A really beautiful drum set.

Posted on 9 years ago
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love silver pearl

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Posted on 9 years ago

Very cool kit.


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Posted on 9 years ago

Beautiful spectrum of tones from those sizes and the wrap says it all, especially under stage lighting!


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Posted on 9 years ago

Nice nice nice and a lot of skins to hit...

Bop iT / Til U Drop iT.

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Posted on 9 years ago

I love it!

Thank you!
Jeff C

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Posted on 9 years ago