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Looking For: 85-86 Tama Superstar in Candy Apple Red


Hello all,

Time for a real "shot in the dark" here...I am on the lookout for the elusive 80s Tama Candy Apple Red Supes. Specifically, I am after standard or "jazz" sizes for the mounted toms. I would especially interested in the 8 and 10 inch concert toms from this line, since this would complete my concert tom set. I am not interested in the Xtra sizes, as I already own them.

This is certainly a "wishful" post, as I know how hard these drums are to come by. But in case anyone out there is considering selling or knows of any leads whatsoever, I would GREATLY appreciate a PM. I am in the market CURRENTLY and am prepared to buy.

Have a great day!

Posted on 8 years ago

BUMP with a few updates:

I am NO LONGER in need of a 12x8 or 13x9 tom, as I have had my Xtras cut down to these sizes.

Still need the following for the core setup:

-15x12 mounted tom

-18x16 floor tom

-24x16 bass drum

-8 and 10 inch concert tom (really any Superstar finish will work, since all of these drums will be refinished in a new Candy Apple Red lacquer later.

Shoot me a PM if you are willing to sell or have any leads whatsoever! Thank you!!!!

Posted on 8 years ago

Bump again! I am really trying to find the 8 and 10 inch concert toms from this line, found just about everything else.

Let me know!

Posted on 8 years ago

Greetings - are you (or is anyone else) still looking for Tama Superstars? Please let me know....

Posted on 7 years ago