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Let's see your first drum set


Long John: thank you sir, for correcting my pictures!

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Posted on 4 months ago
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[Attachment: 138391] My first set. 1969. Unknown brand. I look like an out take from "That thin you do!!." Rode an ice cream bicycle all summer to come up with the money for it. Probaly better then you make today, with all the cutbacks..........

Posted on 3 months ago

My first kit was a 1977 Slingerland Country Road (13-14-15-16 concert toms, 18 floor, 24 bass, 8-lug Zoomatic snare). Way too much kit for a dumb 15-year-old, but the price was right and Dad went halfsies.

In 1982, I stopped using the 13 and 16 toms. Columbus Percussion installed bottom heads on the 14 and 15 and deflowered the bass drum with Tama mounting hardware (the kit was only 5 years old at the time and not vintage).

It's shown here in 1984. I was in full Bun E. Carlos mode (except for the cigar). Note my signature on the front head, created with layers of masking tape in tribute to Bun E.

I donated the kit to a musician in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I drove it there with a van full of other donated instruments in 2006, but that's a story for another day.

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211.3 kB
9x Slingerland New Rock 50N 12-13-16-22 with 170 (Super S-O-M) holder
• 1979 Oak
• 1978 Blakrome + 6.5x14 TDR SD
• 1977 Black Diamond Pearl + 5x14 SD (gold badge, Rapid strainer)
• 1976 Black Cordova
• 1975 Silver Sparkle + 5x14 SD (Rapid strainer)
• 1974 Chrome + 5x14 COB TDR and 6.5x14 COW Zoomatic SDs
• 1973 Purple Sparkle
• 1973 Phantom (clear)
• 1971 Walnut (gold badges) + 5x14 TDR SD
1x Rogers Powertone Londoner V 12-13-16-22
• 1972 Butcher Block + 1979 big R Dynasonic SD
Posted on 1 month ago
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Not the actuall set, but the first I have seen, including any pictures online.  Believe the brand of mine was Crest.


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Posted on 1 month ago

I wish I could find pictures from those days.  My first set was a 4 piece Pearl stencil kit in blue sparkle.  There is a similar set on Reverb


The only difference was my ride tom was mounted on a post instead of the consolette like in the picture.  

That worked well for me because I play left handed so swapping the tom to the other side was way easy with that setup .  I had the Speed Pedal bass kick pedal and high hat like in the pictures on Reverb.  

1971 Ludwig Rock Duo set in Blue Oyster Pearl
early Mapex dual bass drum Saturn kit
1964 Leedy Ray  Mosca kit in Blue Sparkle
1959 Slingerland Super Gene Krupa snare in WMP
1968 Slingerland Hollywood Ace Snare Drum
1969 and 1977 Ludwig 400 Supraphonic snares
1965 Acrolite snare
Ludwig Coliseum snare
'68 Rogers Dynasonic snare
Pearl free floating piccolo snare
13" Mapex piccolo snare
6.5" deep Mapex steel snare
Mapex 6.5" Brass snare
I know there's more snares than that.
UFIP cymbals / Avedis Zildjians
Ghost pedals or Tama King Beats
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Posted on 1 month ago
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