I have been going through some history-inventory and wanted to put some of it on the main web site for everyone to see. I have a nice collection of never before seen interior and exterior photos and need to get that out to the public for viewing and research purposes.

I created this new article page to compile dates and time lines for factories - expansions and other photos related to interiors and exteriors of buildings.

I started with Ludwig because that was in my general area :) but I have Slingerland and other important history to share.

Here is the starting page for this work. Drum Company Photos & Addresses

If you have any additions/changes, please feel free to email them to me.

Another bonus item was an article that I had done years ago, but it got lost on another web site. As I was working on the one above, I found a neat little article about Ludwig & Ludwig Bring Out Drum Scene Series and what was going on painting them at that time. (about half way down the page.

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