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Looking for a Drouyn drum kit ,

22 12 13 14 rack toms 16&18" floor toms,

14x5" metal snare drum in "players condition",

I'm in north-east of Melbourne victoria.

Posted on 1 year ago

For those in Melbourne or Victoria Australia,

I'm selling DW 900 series hardware: boom cymbal stands, multi-cymbal stand, snare stand, double tom stand, Ahead Spinal Glide drum throne, Gator XL PROTECHTOR ELITE AIR SERIES hard plastic cases&HARDCASE 5" drum hardware case.I don't know if the admins/mods allow modern drum hardware to be advertised for sale in the " for sale section" ,

On this forum.Look for my ads on Ebay under "NotBearings",

&Gumtree under " Adrian Robertshaw",

Also on Facebook marketplace under my name.

Posted on 1 year ago