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Yamaha Snare Drum ID?


Hey! I am trying to figure out more info about this snare drum. Mainly what quality of Drum it is in relation to the Recording Custom line. Is this the kind of drum you would likely find paired with an RC or is it a step below? According to a model search, it says it’s part of the 7000ga series, but I’m not sure what that means relative to other Yamaha drums. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

Drum was bought in a miss-matched set containing 2 RA Recording Custom toms.

Model: SD-765MA

Ser. No.: IN

Posted on 6 years ago

Here's what I know... or I believe to be relatively accurate, I'm sure someone will correct me...

9000 were considered Recording Custom

8000 were considered Touring Custom

7000 were considered to be the Stage Series... but then there was also a lower end 5000 series, not completely sure what they're comparative to.

I actually own a set of 7000's, my first set actually, I still own them and gig with them now and again, great sounding shells, great construction. I believe they're a mix of Birch/Mahogany.

From the looks of things that snare may be missing the proper strainer "bracket" that's meant to rest the snare wires on. At least my snare has it, the wires extend past the width of the drum, hence the larger cutaway in the bottom hoop.

HAH, I just googled "Yamaha 7000 snare" and the first result was a thread I started on PDF in 2005! There are pictures of mine (pre-clean) here:

Also here's the catlogue image about the 7000 series snares:

Posted on 6 years ago

Thank you so much! Very helpful! I’m still learning but this helps a lot. Ill follow similar instructions cleaning this 7000 Snare, as it’s pretty pitted. Probably won’t hold onto this snare too long as I have an RA Recording Custom I’m trying to assemble. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the 9000’s in the future!

Posted on 6 years ago