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WTB: 6" tension rods for vintage pearl flr tom


i have a pearl tiger kit from i think 60s or 70s. it's missing a few tension rods for the floor tom. they are 6 inches long.

anybody got a few they can part with?



Posted on 11 years ago

also wondering if anyone knows what dimensions the legs would be on a pearl kit of this vintage? Are they metric or??

(The ones I got with the drum are quite short)

Posted on 11 years ago

this is old but i am still looking for a few of these.

i understand that they are called "coarse thread" as they are wider thread than standard rods.

Anybody got any ideas on good places to look?

Posted on 8 years ago
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I'm guessing that it's a 14x14" FT with the single lugs ? .. If so that will be the metric thread.. I have seen them on Ebay from time to time..



(Measure the length in Millimetres Maybe 145??)

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Posted on 8 years ago

someone here (i can't remember who) turned me on to the fact that children's drum kits use metric t-rods. I have been robbing t-rods off these kits to restore MIJ kits whenever I can't find any.

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Posted on 8 years ago

thanks for the reply John.

It is a single lug floor tom and it is 14" in diameter.

It's 150 mm. I don't see any on ebay :(

i found these 6" Cannon ones but not sure if the thread will match - can't seem to find specs onlline. [ame=""]Cannon 632TS6 6-Inch Tension Rods: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

Posted on 8 years ago

I am still hunting for some of these - the floor tom sits in the corner, sadly moping.

they are 15mm in length and metric thread i believe.



Posted on 8 years ago
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15 CM?

It would probably be in your best interest to take a rod to a hardware store or somewhere where they can tell you the thread count/ size on those.

If those lugs have regular swivel nuts inside you may be able to change them to fit the Cannon rods you found on Amazon. Your drum would be put together and playable until you can find some originals.

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Posted on 8 years ago

I had a set of vintage pearl (Valencia's) from the 60s..

I might have some of the long rods....

Also the legs for the flr Tom, look correct..

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Posted on 8 years ago

Sorry 15 CM - not MM - D'oh!

Posted on 8 years ago
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