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WTB 15 inch SUPER Zyn Hi Hats Last viewed: 24 minutes ago



A pair of 15 inch SUPER Zyn Hi Hats. Not reguar Zyn, and must be 15.

Thank you.

Posted on 1 year ago
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They pop up from time to time on Ebay in the UK. I've had 15" Super Zyns before and the 5 star Supers too. They're great. Usually around 150 to 200 for the 15s. Then you add on shipping and import taxes from UK, and now you're into the kind of six thousand dollar kind of realm. I exaggerate, but you get what I mean. Great cymbals if you can find them. I wouldn't rule out the 5 stars though. Those ones are very consistent. I've had two pairs, both pairs were the exact same weight, almost to the gram. The Super Zyn 15s that I've had were nice, but one pair were nice and the other pair were very nice. For me personally I prefer them to be extra light.the lighter the better. 5 stars are light by today's standards, but pre 5 star super zyn tend to be even lighter, by and large.

I don't actually have a pair of 15s to offer. I have 14s that I really like, but nothing for sale. Hope you find some.

Posted on 1 year ago
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