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WTB: 14x14 Ludwig Club Date (and maybe a 12" too)


Hi All,

I am in the market for a 14x14 Ludwig Club Date floor tom. I would prefer the 3-ply mahogany/poplar/mahogany model. Also, I would prefer chrome hardware.

I have no preference for finish, I will accept any color or wrap. But don't fear, I have NO intentions to re-wrap! I currently have a 14x20 Club Date bass drum that was stripped and painted black (by a previous owner), and I am building a Frankenkit around it. Also, I am not too concerned about the condition, I just don't want a project drum. I want something that is ready to put new heads on and play.

What would be really sweet, is if someone had a set of 12" and 14" matching toms they were willing to part with. I really like the look of matching toms, but mismatched bass and snare.

Feel free to PM me or reply to this post. Thanks for looking!!

Posted on 9 years ago

I have chrome hardware matching clubdate 12 and 14 toms. No mods and original wrap!


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Posted on 9 years ago


Thanks, sent you a PM!

Posted on 9 years ago

Just wanted to let everyone know [COLOR="Red"]I purchased the toms from airborneSFC. [/COLOR]

Thanks for all of the PM's regarding this post. I am pretty stoked about these drums, and maybe one day I will get around to posting some pics.


Posted on 9 years ago