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WFL Base Drum Parts Needed


I recently picked up a WFL WMP kit, 13, 16, 22 and am in need of the following items. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at [email]ALLENL55@HOTMAIL.COM[/email] or call my cell at 832.256.3895 should you be able to assist with any of the parts listed. Thanks!

Parts Needed:

Note that all parts needed are Nickel Hardware, NOT chrome.

WFL Base Drum Claws - In need of about 10-12 claws.

WFL - Tom Holder (Missing top portion that conects to the rail consolet

WFL Base Drum Mounted Cymbal holder and L-Arm - Willing to buy the complete assembly though I am only missing the top portion on one side as well as both L-Arms.

Large Nickel Lugs - Looking for 8-10 to replace a few of the ones that are in pretty rough shape.


Posted on 9 years ago

Post some photos of that WFL kit Allen!


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Posted on 9 years ago