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Web Site Speed - Issues


We are working on this, but it is really out of our control. Something, BOT or otherwise has been attacking the server to the point where we had 2000 Guests on the site and that is just way to many connections. It was going on like this for a week. 1700 guests!, 2000 Guests! When the guests are under 1000 the site performs fine. There were 2-3 weeks of constant attacks. We may put the web site on maintenance to see if we can block the attacks on the server. This is all not my area of expertise and I may be explaining it wrong, but it is a pain and it is very troubling to me. Part of the problem is also the older coding and Vbulletin which is something we knew, but could not avoid on this last upgrade..

Posted on 9 months ago

Nice to see the site back up and running. Seems to be responding well.

Hopefully the bot attack issue has been resolved and the site will continue to run effciently.

Posted on 9 months ago

I was finally able to login... so far so good. Fingers crossed!


Posted on 9 months ago

We are still working on things. Just a bunch of unfortunate events. I should have a complete update in the near future

Posted on 9 months ago
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It loaded!! Yay!!

Thank you for keeping this alive.


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Posted on 9 months ago
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Finally it's easier getting here, thanks!!

Posted on 9 months ago
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yep everything seems to be working better/faster.

"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
Posted on 9 months ago
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Sorry to report it took a full minute to make website home page to load. Another minute+ to load this file itself.

Posted on 9 months ago

You may already be aware of this, but late Sunday afternoon until bedtime the site was unreachable. It was reachable Monday morning but incredibly slow. It was unreachable Monday evening again.

It seems fine now.

Posted on 8 months ago
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I am still encountering site speed issues...Sometimes, it will take 45-60 seconds to load a page, if it loads at all...Some days the site seems normal, but, most days, it is slow...I'm hoping this can be resolved soon...


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Posted on 8 months ago
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