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Web Site, Photo Posting and Photo Sizing...


Here is a little run down and what the forum requirements are for images.

Firstly, the forum lets you add photos directly from your hard drive and stores them on the server in a special folder.

The size limitations are in place to stop the "Spammers" from uploading giant images and or files to try and bring the site and or server down.

The file size also keeps the web site throughput (bandwidth) down. Every time you click and or load an image the server keeps track of the amount of information being consumed. This forum and the web site for the month of November had 1.2 Million hits - 46,000 unique visitors. We get 5000 MB of bandwidth per month and the site is already at 7825 MB for the month of December. I get emails saying we are over every month, but my server "Guru" does not charge me for it.

The web site is also allowed 1000 MB of storage space and the site is currently at 607 MB of space. As a reference most small sites are about 20 or 30 MB!!

So with that said this site is a beast in relationship to most web sites and surely the largest vintage drum web site on the Internet!!

Since it is free and I do not sell advertising space and or pimp it out with Google adds, I must remain in check with everything.

Now off to how to add an image to a post.

Firstly when you are creating the post and you are in advanced mode you will see a row of buttons at the top of the post window. Next to the smiley face you will see a little paper clip.

Click that and a box will pop up with all of your options. It is titled "Manage Attachments".

You will see the browse button that lets you search your hard drive. Once you click that button find the file and then click the upload button next to it.

The file must fall into the criteria listed below based on the image type. Let's look at the most popular.

Type ------Size --------Max Width

[IMG][/IMG] jpg -----97.7 KB ------1000

[IMG][/IMG] gif ------48.8 KB -------800

[IMG][/IMG] bmp ----48.8 KB -------800

Posted on 17 years ago

So let's look at .jpg also pronounced J-Peg.

The maximum kb size is 100k and the maximum width is 1000 pixels.

Many people try and reduce the K size by shrinking down the image width (pixels).

When you see a post with a mini-image that is the reason.

So if K size is the "Weight" of the image we need to reduce that without affecting the physical size of the image- pixel width.

Basically take out some of the image clarity, dots and everything else to a point where the image still looks good.

So take the image from your camera and or your hard drive. put your mouse over the image without clicking and Windows should tell you the specifics of that image file. IF it does not meet the criteria you will not be able to add it to the forum.

What to do depends on the software you are using. IF you have Photo Shop, find the image and open it using that software, then under FILE - click "Save for Web". Click that and a box will pop up that will give you a variety of options to size the image.

Firstly on the right side look for the tab "IMAGE SIZE". you will have a height and width option. Change the width to 1000 and or 800 and the height will automatically adjust accordingly - CLICK APPLY.

Once the width is set then look for the option "Quality" with a number. Click that and a slider will pop up to raise and lower that number. You will also see the image size on the lower left corner of the window for K size change as you slide the bar.

Slide the bar so it is under the 100K size and then the image will be ready for the forum.

Click OK and it will prompt you to save it to your hard drive.

Also in Photo Shop under help you might have the option "RESIZE IMAGE"

that will follow the steps after you pick "Online"

More later...

Posted on 17 years ago

I have failed to mention that there are videos on Youtube that go over many of the features here on the forum.

Vintage Drum Forum Youtube Channel

Just updating this old post in case someone stumbles on it and needs help.

There are 2 or 3 videos on sizing photos.


Posted on 13 years ago
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