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Wanted: Ludwig 16x16 for Re-Wrap Last viewed: 38 minutes ago


I’m looking for a 3-ply shell. No hardware is fine. Prefer Keystone drums but B/O is okay (if it even has a badge). A bare shell is great but I don't mind removing a wrap in bad condition. I'd rather a shell that's pretty cosmetically beat up so I don't take apart an otherwise good drum.

I’m trying to piece together a kit for my dad for his 70th birthday in January. He hasn't had a set of Ludwigs since the '70s and he talks all the time about missing the sound. I know he'd never buy the drums for himself so I really hope I can pull this off. I’ve got a 24, 12, and 13 that all need to be re-wrapped. Just need to settle on a color and pick up some missing parts.


Currently looking for a 3-ply 24x14 Ludwig in champagne sparkle w/rail consolette and cymbal mount!
Posted on 1 year ago
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Wish I could help. That is a great project. Wish you success. Your father is a lucky man

Posted on 1 year ago
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