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Vintage Zildjian A_Is this a 50's or a 70's Stamp


Hi there - please could someone assist me with this ID. It is probably the faintest stamp that I have ever come across.

I recently purchased a 22" A ride weighing in around the 3100g mark.

I originally thought that it was a 70's stamp (can't do the vertical alignment of the H over E because the Made in USA portion of the stamp is too faint.

However having had another look Zenstat's website, it seems as if the D in AVEDIS does not align with the second dot but aligns somewhere in the middle of the two dots. My understanding is that that points towards a 50's and not a 70's cymbal.

The shape of the cymbal is also quite similar to a 50's 20" which I have in that it is quite "umbrella" -ish in that there is quite a prominent bow and despite the weight, the edge is actually quite thin and exciteable (sp??) and expands to quite thick towards the bell. The taper is very noticeable.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted on 1 year ago

Looks to be a 70's cymbal to me. The "AVEDIS" is too close to "ZILDJIAN" for a 50's stamp.

And the stamp is so weak it's probably a 70's. I suspect it's a Canadian 70's A based on the fact that the "M" in "MADE" is directly below the "T" in "Turkish." The Canadian A's have some similarities to 50's trans well as 70's stamps.

Posted on 1 year ago
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