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Vintage Premier WMP questions Last viewed: 50 minutes ago


I have four 50s/60s WMP premier drums here.. the 10x14 and 16” came to us together from a guy that lost the bass drum.. I found a “matching” Wmp 22” and 12” on marketplace and decided I really had to put them all together.. what else would a guy do? lol.

Anyway, premier info is tough to find.. and I’m a little stumped on this 10x14.

I’ve been told it was a ‘58, but the 10” depth toms were gone from the catalog by 58, and the script badge was also gone.

This has to be earlier in the 50s..

drumarchives catalogs end in 1951 or 53 and start back up in 58, so I don’t have any info in between to reference.

Can anyone put a date on this thing?

Note the presence of a W&A spade style diamond mount

Also check out the 11-7/8” (12”) and 16-5/16 (16”) toms, and 22” bass.

I’m not sure if I can find a way to make all of these drums work together.. I don’t intend to go drilling into the shells to mount them. I’ll probably stick with a snare stand for a single tom

Posted on 7 months ago

The 14 x 10 is in the '51 and the '48 catalog and gone by the '58 catalog which is where we first see the new badge with block lettering as you point out. Those double end lugs don't show up in the '39 catalog so it can't be that early. Without any of those catalogs to fill in the gaps, the best bet is that it could be between '48 and '51 for sure but possibly a little earlier or sometime later, before the '58 catalog. I don't know if there was a hard cut off date for the new badge so that throws another wrinkle into the mix.

Posted on 7 months ago
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