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Vintage MIJ mystery lugs???


Hi Everyone,

I just purchased this 3 piece (12,14,20) kit in very rough shape. I bought it because I'm a glutton for punishment and I've never seen these MIJ lugs before. I haven't received them yet, but I know it's luan.

Has anyone seen these lugs before?


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Posted on 8 years ago

Here is another shot of the kick.

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Posted on 8 years ago

That might be a Hoshino - the Chrysler of vintage MIJ. Other pics of other features of the kit would help:

FT leg mounts, better pic of the cymbal mount on the side of the BD, spurs, mount on the tom.

I had a great day! Instead of sleeping in and wasting the day, I got up at 8 and I had all my slacking done by noon!

Posted on 8 years ago

Have not seen those lugs. Looks like the kit will polish up just fine. Congrats!!


Nothing special here but I like them.
Posted on 8 years ago

HAHAHA- "The Chrysler of Vintage MIJ". Genius! I actually have a Hoshino kit and they are similar but the top of these mystery lugs are flat while the Hoshino ones have a dull point. The toms have tone mufflers too. I've added a few more pics.

Thanks for the quick replies and your supportive words!!!

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Posted on 8 years ago

Hello monkeyman831

I am with John on this one

I too have never seen those lugs before

But the entire rail mount, t-rods, claws,

Legs, leg brackets, muffler knob, and diamond plate on the 12"

all point to ..Hoshino..(not Hoshino gakki)

My guess would be that those lugs

were an early prototype for the more usual and somewhat similar shaped lugs

(one of two styles they used widely)

It may have been either a durability issue which is not likely

or that they found a way to use less material in their castings by a slight redesign

thereby lowering production cost

That looks like a Hoshino kit thinks

And I am that very same glutton for punishment I could not have resisted based on those odd lugs alone ...

Great find and Best of luck Kenwood

Posted on 8 years ago

The thirteen inch Decca tom (pictured)

shows one of the two styles of lugs

that is most common on Hoshino drums

and for whatever the reason, may have been a re-designed replacement for the unique lugs on your kit

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Posted on 8 years ago

Thank you Kenwood!

Here's yet another twist to this gem....The lugs are die cast and have real swivel nuts with springs!!!! I say real swivel nuts, because the Hoshino kit I have has those simple drilled & tapped slabs that hold the tension rods in. I love these mysteries from the Far East!!

Posted on 8 years ago

Cool kit! And it´s Hoshino;-) for sure!



Posted on 8 years ago