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Vintage Drum Wrap


If you are doing restorations or vintage re-wraps I may have wraps that work for you. I have mostly vintage style Pearl patterns and oyster patterns. Also some new twists on old styles as well. The sheets are oversized at 62x27, and are genuine old school acetate like they used back in the day. The sheets are double sided with no backing so if you mess up one side or something you can flip it over and start again. Second chances are always helpful.

Two sheets will cover most smaller vintage sets. Pearl patterns are $55 a sheet, Oysters are $62.99. Shipping for two sheets to the USA lower 48 is $16.

You can PM me or just visit my website:

Georgia Phil Custom Drumworks

Drum Wrap, Drum Heads, Drum Accessories
Posted on 11 months ago

Looking to recover a Wmp throne. Do you have top hat and cane in your inventory?

1967 Ludwig WMP Club Date + 16" FT + cannister throne
1992 Ludwig Classic 6 piece Mahogany Stain + 8", 14" & 18"
2004 Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5", brass fittings
90th Ludwig Anniversary Top Hat & Cane 5" SD
1948 WFL Ludwig Super Classic WMP 6" SD
1970's Fibes 22", 16", 12" rewrap Top Hat & Cane
Posted on 4 months ago
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