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UK Vintage Drum Timeline by Mike Ellis Last viewed: 46 minutes ago

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From daleb

This is my first ever Post and was wondering if someone can tell me the age and Model of my Premier kit?I have serial # 62134-Tom, #68609-tom, #61478-tom, #64231-bass, #62830-snareThanks so much for any help

Welcome! Post some photos and start a new thread in the vintage non-usa drums section so it gets seen. The serial numbers on Premier don't help in identification unfortunately, they are just random numbers


Golden Curtain
Posted on 8 years ago

And now Mr Ellis enter British Drum Co stage left! Formed October 2015. Using the old Premier drums facility in Stockport.

40's Slingerland Radio King WMP
60's Ludwig Downbeat Silver Spark
70's Ludwig Super Classic White Marine
60's Gretsch RB Champaigne Spark
70's Rogers Big R Black
90's Sonor Hilite (Red maple)
00's DW Collectors Broken Glass
00's DW Jazz Series Tangerine Glass
10's DW Collectors (Acrylic) Matt Black Wrap
10's PDP Concept Wood Hoop kit (Maple)
Proud ambassador of the British Drum Company
Posted on 8 years ago

hi guys ! need some your advice. i've bought a drum kit on Ebay - Premier vintage. I was looking for a vintage sound of UK drums and didn't think about series models and so on. just only sound. But nowdays it became a really question ! can you help me to identify mu drum kit. here some pictures. non original changes: bass drum legs - Sonor. rack tom mount - Sonor. Badges also have been changed. Detail: original floor tom diametr doesnt allow to sit modern heads and it was slightly reduced for a head to put on.

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Posted on 7 years ago

whole drum kit 20*14, 12*8 or 9 couldn't say clearly, 16*16

it sounds reallu good but i couldn't identify the year and series. Please help if it real !

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Posted on 7 years ago

In case anyone cares, when I click on the link provided in the original post, I get a warning message that says, "this page is an attack site". It appears to have been hacked or infected with a virus or something. The OP should look into it.

Posted on 6 years ago
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