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Tosco by Sabian Hi Hats - any information?


Long time reader, but haven't ever posted before. Let me first say thank you for all of the information posted here! What a great site.

I've had these hi hats sitting around for 10 years or so and have tried to search for some more info on them, but not having much luck. I read on another thread here that Sabian bought Tosco awhile back, but was hoping someone might have any more info on these.

They are Tosco by Sabian, 14", and both say made in Italy on the bottom/inside. I got my first drum set out of my parents' neighbor's trash (no joke) and these came with them.

I haven't been playing the drums much for the past few years unfortunately, but my A Custom mastersounds have taken the place of these anyway. I have considered selling these, but would have no idea what price to list them for. Any ideas on that either?

Thanks for the help - lots of great info on this site!

Posted on 9 years ago

Yes, those were made in the Italy Tosco factory after Sabian bought Tosco. Many of the first Sabians were made there. This was in the late 70s.

Sorry if I have not shared anything you did not already know. Others that chime in with more photographic memory will be able to add some details. I have not seen/heard these in person, but every video I have ever heard with these cymbals have sounded good.

These are Italian. Yet, these are Sabian - a part of their history - hence these have a backstory. They are good quality (B20 I believe).

Someday you will tire of the A Customs and want something different.

Look into the future. Will you regret selling these someday? (I would)

I had a great day! Instead of sleeping in and wasting the day, I got up at 8 and I had all my slacking done by noon!

Posted on 9 years ago

Thank you very much for the information. This was very helpful!

These cymbals do sound pretty good - quite a bit different from the A Customs, and not in a bad way (to me at least).

My drumming days seem to be disappearing behind me slowly, and I'm not sure they will get played much (if at all) in the future. I do need to think more about selling these and if I am going to regret it. Thank you for that suggestion - it never occurred to me that I could regret it.

Posted on 9 years ago
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