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Let me start by saying this is not at all drum related, but I'd like to share my experience with all of you. Last Wednesday I left work early with neck, shoulder and upper chest tightness. This had been going on for several weeks, I finally decided to have it investigated. I went to a neighborhood Methodist ER, they ran all the usual test, EKG, x-ray and blood work. All came back good, but they recommend that I be admitted to the Methodist hospital which was close by to run further test. At first I thought, nope, but after talking with my daughter, I decided to go. I was admitted to a small room and I got all hooked up to monitor me. I hadn't eaten all day, the nurse luckily found me a sandwich and chips. I thought what a lousy hospital, no food or restroom, you had to use the one in the hallway. Apparently, this section was like a sorta waiting room. So, the next day they did a CT scan w/contrast and an echocardiogram. I laid there worried and imagining the worst all day for the results. Finally the nurse came in with a wheel chair, I thought, this can't be good. He said the CT scan showed possible artery blockage and wheeled me to the cardiac floor. I was ****ten bricks. I spent another night waiting to have a heart catheterization the next morning, but, on the bright side, I had my own restroom and got a proper meal. I spent my time watching Brian May talking about his heart catheterization and how he had to have three stents. I gotta tell ya, when they arrived in the morning I was pretty scared, they gave me a pill to relax me and wheeled me to the cath room. The nurse told me they work like a pit crew for the Indy 500, fast and efficient. So I get to the room and it's cold as ice, they lay me on a table and then smack my inner thighs with some sort of numbing medicine and that was even colder! They sedated me, but I was awake through the whole procedure. I didn't feel a thing and it was over in about 20 minutes. The cardiologist that performed the procedure came up to me after and said there was no blockage and no stents were needed. Whew! They wheeled me back to my room and I spent one more night. The cardiologist nurse practitioner saw me the next day and said the echocardiogram was good and there was no blockage, but I did have a stiff artery. I asked her, what could be causing this tightness I get, she ask, do you have anxiety? Hell ya I have anxiety. So, I have a followup with the cardiologist that works at the hospital and I suppose he'll go over everything with me. I know from my last echocardiogram from last year that I have mild aorta sclerosis, but no evidence of significant stenosis. It really sucks getting old.

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Thanks so much for sharing this with the VDF community. Glad to know that you finally gave in and went to the ER! It does sound like they performed all the tests they should, but I'm not a doctor! I'll share this with my girlfriend tonight or tomorrow. She's an RN and I'll get her take on all this.

And, yes, it sucks getting old! As you may recall, I spent two nights in the hospital, beginning on my 68th birthday, for an "unprovoked pulmonary embolism". Let the good times roll!!

Glad you're still with us to relate your story. Get well my friend!


Posted on 1 year ago
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As an Oldster myself, I have found each day can have it's own challenges. Glad you have some good news after al that.

As far as getting old goes, the alternative is not pretty - keep that out of my immediate future please.

Posted on 1 year ago

Mark it sounds as if you did the correct thing, thank you for sharing this with us. Gods speed.

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Posted on 1 year ago

Ya, I suppose I did, but I still don't know what is causing this tightness. I finally saw the cartiologist and he said it was most likely a skeletal issue and that I should see my primary doctor. He did however confirm that I had mild aortic calcification, but it would not be causing my symptoms, wants me to follow up in six months. It seems to be worse after I'm standing for hours which I have to do at work. When it happens it causes my anxiety to escalate. I'm curious if anyone here experiences anything similar. I worry about this every day.

Posted on 1 year ago
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This is why we have to live each day , like it’s our last , enjoy life jr no second chances .

Good luck!

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Posted on 1 year ago

A good number of my friends/co workers have had stents installed. Good luck-

Posted on 1 year ago

Good to hear everything went well and you are ok. I had an EKG and stress test almost a month ago. Saw a cardiologist that was coming to town every other week, said he was probably going to put in a stent but wanted to see another image. We would get a phone call to schedule. The phone call never came, so we called the doctor's office.

They said he wasn't coming back to town. Hopefully it wasn't something I said.

Now we are waiting for a phone call from the cardiology center in the big city.

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Glad to hear you received excellent care. Your daughter gets an 'A' on her paper for convincing you to seek medical assistance! Blessings!

Posted on 1 year ago
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Please keep us informed on your situation...


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Posted on 1 year ago