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Even more going up this evening which I will add to another post!


I have had problems with people removing items from this web site without contacting me or giving the proper credit. At some point someone took full scans and submitted them to another web site as if it was their own stuff. Fortunately I have good relationships with many webmasters of other web sites and they removed the material and or made the correct credit back to this web site.

I have not figured out what drives me to do what I do and with such energy and devotion. Many hours and late nights to add, scan, fix and upload. Besides I have to purchase, trade or barter to get the literature to keep the site updated with new stuff.

I do get disheartened when my stuff gets "taken" or linked too without saying who it came from. I see my images as Avatars and on other forums in posts without a reference where it was taken from! What is that all about? Hey look at this cool picture! -- Thats a great picture! -- Oh thanks! Hmmm no credit to this web site.

I gather this web site although the largest devoted to vintage drums is still not respected after 6 years of free access to all visitors. I have never asked for a donation and or money for this private project.

Basically I understand this is what happens on the Internet and I can include myself as guilty to a certain extent, but I always try and make contact and or give credit where credit is due! I do take images off of Ebay and cut, crop and clean them up for the web site.

The rant is just to get it off of my chest so I can go back to work on adding more stuff. I do have a healthy stack of material and items to add to the web site.

Thanks for all of the people that support this web site and the many people that do ask first and give credit back to

Group Hug



Posted on 18 years ago

I emailed a dude on Ebay to give credit to an image he had on his Ebay auction that I know came from my web site...

Here was his answer

...let me guess: your one of those dicks who buys catalogs on ebay, scans them, puts them on your website and suddenly owns the rights to the catalog pages of all drum catalogs? I had the "Camco Drummer" guy try and pull this **** on me before... **** off.

Then I some how I landed on a my space page for Camco drums and low and behold, all of my badges are on the page, catalogs and other Camco items.. No permission and for sure no credit... What a crook....

I give up..



Posted on 16 years ago

I hear ya Dave and can relate. In a past life I was heavily into old Canoe and Boat Catalogs as well as the related Ephemera that I scanned in and made available to the Public at Large only to experience what you have gone, and are going through.

When I got into this Gig I reverted to my old habits and started creating a site with Drum Catalog images but quickly said to myself, "Do I want to go down that road again." The answer was no but I still wanted to help by providing information whenever possible so I now do so on an as needed basis, uploading images and hosting them to answer specific questions, as opposed to just putting it all out there. I've found that this method of doing things is very educational because it forces me to research things that would have taken care of themselves so I'm learning new "stuff" all the time that I never would have bothered to check out.

Kind of a win, win situation, for lack of a better term:)

Now I know that once I post an image that it's ?fair game, there is just no getting around that fact, so I usually tweak my information a little by cropping it into separate images or editing it to move things around a bit just so it's not the same as it would be straight from the Catalog. It still serves it's purpose, but isn't the same as if someone went out and bought the source and scanned it in themselves, which, as you well know, can cost quite a bit in time and money. While I have never taken the time to figure it all out, I know that I have scanned in well over 10,000 pages (probably twice that amount) of information and am on my third Scanner, wearing the first two out even though I take it easy and don't push things too fast.

Once I started posting images and some Admin's figured out what was going on they asked if I would provide all of my information for use on their site saying that, "it would make a great resource." At least they understood when I declined.

Its situations such as this that brings to mind what an old fellow had written on the door of his Ice Fishing Shanty commonly seen on one our local Lakes back in the 1970's that he never put a lock on, which was, "Welcome to Use, Don't Abuse."


All Catalog images shown in my posts were generated by me (scanning) and are from my personal files........
Posted on 16 years ago

Thanks Buddy!

Did you read my question on that Slingerland Page? I guess this answers it...

I did some investigating on the topic and did find there are more technical ways to stop someone from taking an image.

After reading a bunch of it, they all pretty much said to put a watermark on the image.. Which I have been doing. The problem is I have been at the web site for 7 years and just started in the last year of putting watermarks on.

10,000 scans or more... That is a lot!

Thanks again and if you do want to put a little section together for Ludwig I can design it like I did for DrCJW...

Go to his page and take an image.. In fact, the whole page is one image, so if someone wants to lift it they have to lift the whole thing. (try the right click)

Click Here

You can go a round about way to get that image and then you would have to use a graphics program to get what you want out of it, but since we know these people are lazy to begin with, they will not ake the time to do it.

The offer still stands....

How about an article on tom mounts?

I know, you are busy polishing and cleaning

Thought I would try anyway.


Posted on 16 years ago
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