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Slingerland rail arm mount Last viewed: 15 minutes ago


I recently purchased two old Slingerland kits. Both 22",13",16". I am looking for one rail arm mount assembly for each both bass drum. The blue sparkle bass drum (late 50?s) has two screws which are 4 1/2" apart (from center to center of each screw). The tiger stripe bass drum (?65) has four screws which are 5 1/8" apart (from center to center of each screw). I have had NO luck in my search. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Posted on 18 years ago

Wow.....I'm baffled by this. There were so many of these kits made with this hardware. Yet the hardware is rarely sold with them (Ludwig, Rogers included). So-----where are all of these rail arm mounts?


Posted on 18 years ago

Yes, rail mounts are getting harder and harder to find.

Most of the time they are stripped or have vice grip trauma!

When you want a part you can't find it, but when your not looking for a part

it comes up a lot. I would keep scanning Ebay.

Also look for some beat up bass drums with the part and sell the rest

on Ebay.

It has worked for me. I have been looking for a nickel classic strainer

since May and finally found a snare on Ebay with a cracked shell for $85

The strainer has been selling for around $65.00 so I can still sell the butt side, lugs and hoops and easily make my money back.

Other then that we have had a few hook ups from this forum and some

close deals. Patience is the only way when you need parts.

I'm still looking for a Slingerland 3-point strainer for a Chicago Badge Snare


Posted on 18 years ago

Thanks. I'll keep searching.


Posted on 18 years ago

For all your Slingerland parts needs, give Jim Petty a call.

I've used Jim for several Slingerland projects. He's a great guy to deal with.

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Posted on 18 years ago
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