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Slingerland Pre '62 PINK Duco??


Anyone have any info/appraisal on this pink/black duco slingerland? I can't seem to find any info about it online. Shell appears to be in round, though this skewing in the strainer is worrying me a little. Original top hoop is still intact too, I just have to replace the heads and put it on.

*there was an error loading a picture of the badge, but there's no serial number on it.

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Posted on 6 years ago

No serial number on drums originally equipped with that strainer. Upper hoop is not original. Lower hoop is also suspect. Skewed strainer is a concern.

Posted on 6 years ago
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Skewing in strainer is common to see with these sadly. The strainer body is only stamped brass. Not the best design. The sides start to bend inward due to improper tension (over tightened!). Not the end of the world. You can repair the body. Few ways to approach it. Or look for a decent replacement which do come up for sale fairly often. Once the body is bent it will try to bend again once straightened. Soft brass = not the best! Too bad these were never cast metal.


Not a guru just havin fun with some old dusty drums.
Posted on 6 years ago
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