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Sept 21, 2010 - Catalogs on CD Last viewed: 22 minutes ago


This is in reference to another post about catalogs on CD's. You can read that story there in the general section.

Here are the details of this set.

The CD's are in the house. The DVD option mentioned in an earlier post is a good idea, then I thought not everyone has a DVD player on their system. So maybe next round we can have a DVD or CD option. If there is a next round.

This will be handled through the donation system at the top of the forum. Look for the [COLOR=Lime]GREEN[/COLOR] donate button above.

Minimum donation is $25 and that will get you the set with the shipping.

Please leave your shipping address so I can ship through Pay Pal.

Remember there are TONS of catalogs here. The assorted catalog disc has 120 catalogs and or flyers alone.

The money is going to the server expenses and once the CD's are gone it will be paid directly to the server company to give me a little financial breather.


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Posted on 13 years ago
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Hey David, so the CD's have all the catalogs? I'm looking for a 1948

WFL is why I'm asking...




Found it!!
Posted on 13 years ago

The 48 WFL with the green cover is not on the discs. The 49 WFL red cover catalog with Buddy Rich on the cover is in the Ludwig section on the CD's. These are not every catalog that these companies made, just a lot of catalogs.


Posted on 13 years ago

Just saying thanks to the buyers of the CD's and the people that gave extra, thank you twice! It really helps, the server is paid up until Dec.


Posted on 13 years ago

Can I pay with a credit card somehow?

Sign me up for a set!

Those catalogs look killer, and they have a lot of good information..

I would love to help the forum out



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1960's Zildjian Avedis Cymbals
Posted on 13 years ago

Just click the donate button, you can use Pay Pal or a credit card.

and thanks for the support, the catalogs on CD are well worth the money..


Posted on 13 years ago
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