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Sept 10, 2009 - Supraphonic and Acrolite


Hello everyone...

This update is not exactly for the main web site, but vintage drum related.

I have two new web sites devoted to two very special drums.

The first web site is dedicated to the "King of all Snare Drums"

The second web site is the "Champion of all Snare Drums"

These are places where I posted any drums that were sent to me and also central locations for the history of each drum.

Please take a look and if you find any corrections or want to offer any help or photos please do.

Although a few people helped, I'm still in need of some badge shots, and other drums I do not have photos for. Not twisting any arms here, but someone has to have the items I need!

1. "First Generation" Acro - orange peel finish

2. "Second Generation" Acro with a Pre Serial Keystone

2. Early Brass Supra with a WFL badge, Transition Badge and Pre Serial Badge

3. Blue and Olive Badge that is cut from the factory

4. Blue and Olive Badge without a serial number

Thanks and I will also take any Supra images for the deeper versions and pretty much everything else in the area of Supra's


email to: [email][/email]

also include how you want the photo credit....

Posted on 14 years ago
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stuff sent

"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
Posted on 14 years ago
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