I have a 1966 Dayton Rogers Holiday Top Hat kit for sale: 14x20, 16x16, 8x12, 8x12, and a 5x14 Powertone wood snare. Silver (ginger ale) sparkle. All original except heads and one tom mount nut. No extra holes. No issues at all with wrap, shells, lugs or anything. A really excellent kit all around. Tall boy rims, beavertail lugs, double-tom mount. I will also include a swivomatic swan leg hi hat stand. $1500. This is my bottom price with snare. Make me an offer for just the shell kit if you want. Here are some of the serial #s:

16x16” Floor tom: Dayton 64434

5x14” Wood Powertone Snare: Cleveland 14783

8x12” tom: Dayton 64435