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**Rogers Power-Tone 9x13in. Tom. Great Condition!**



Here I have a beautiful vintage Rogers Power-Tone 9x13in. Tom.

The reason I'm selling this drum is because I actually purchased the wrong one so I have no use for it, although it is stunning.

It has no edge wear for its age and the wrap is in near perfect condition with very minimal color aging, you can see it still shines bright as ever in the pictures.

The tag on the inside is in perfect condition as well, this drum was made in the Fullerton facility as the tag states.

I personally cleaned the wrap as best as I could to get a good shine and also cleaned all the chrome hardware. It has all the lugs in perfect condition as well as the swivo-mount that is just missing the collet, the Rogers badges are also in perfect condition. The buyer will need to purchase some tension rods, the swivo collet and 13in hoops but that is not a hard buy, as well as the muffler. All of these items are listed on ebay and can easily be bought!

If you have any other questions feel free to message me, otherwise whoever gets this drum is lucky, its beautiful!

[SIZE="4"]I am asking $85.00 shipped[/SIZE]


Posted on 10 years ago

The paper tag is in the wrong spot,,????

It might be a later 9/72 series with (originally) the smaller paper tag..

Also the pic of the internal screws that hold the lugs on...are (I think) from the later Fullerton series (9/72)..


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Posted on 10 years ago

Yeah I noticed that when I recieved the drum, I was curious as to why the tag was slightly moved over, I'm not to educated on the fullerton drums so if anyone can truly indentify this drum that would be awesome

Posted on 10 years ago
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