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Rogers Londoner V Jazz Heritage Traditional


1983/84 Rogers Londoner V Jazz Heritage

Traditional Sizes.

16x18 Bass Drum

8x12, 9x13 Mounted Toms

14x14 Floor Tom

These are a factory produced set. Born together during the dark days at the close of the Rogers USA era. These are some of the finest drums ever produced by the Rogers Drum Company.

The Heritage was sold in XL sizes, and is pictured as such in the 1983 Catalog. These are much more desirable now, and I am very grateful to have gotten them.

1983 Rogers Dyna-Sonic XP10 Dyna-Sonic 6.5x14

Rogers Drums Big R era 1975-1984 Dating Guide.
Posted on 9 years ago

Good lord,those are what dreams are made least for most of us on VDF.Look like they were made yesterday and sound like only Rogers could produce in 83/84.Nice to know they are in safe hands, at least for the time being.Wonderful condition.


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Posted on 9 years ago
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WOW, Plough !!

(I've been waiting to use that one...:):))

Super clean, congrats!

Posted on 9 years ago


BEAUTIES!!! Nice set up... GREAT shot! One just does NOT see all that many 18" bass drums, and especially so Rogers. NICE!!!


Posted on 9 years ago

Beautiful kit. !Keep on Pl

Your drummers not much good is he!? What you need is someone that's as good as me. ! John Henry Bonham !!
Posted on 9 years ago

Very Nice Jack! I bet that 18" sounds like a little cannon being 16" deep. I never get tired of seeing these little bop kits for some reason. I love them!

Posted on 9 years ago