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Rogers Holiday blue sparkle kick & mounted tom Last viewed: 38 minutes ago


Hello, I Just joined the forum and would appreciate help determining the value of a couple of drums.

They are both ‘60s Holiday Cleveland Rogers blue sparkle, NO alterations, completely original.

They are also used and have issues. I will load as many pictures as this forum allows so you can know the whole story and I’ll show the bad as much as the good.

8 X 12 mounted tom – only one triple-flange hoop that appears to be original.

14 X 20 kick – only one black wood hoop with w/ blue sparkle inlay, also appears to be original.

Only 13 T-rods and BD claws and most of the T-rods have slight bends in them. I did not try to straighten them, rather leave that to someone with experience in doing this.

The only cleaning I did was with a damp (not soaking wet) cloth with a bit of dish soap to remove the dust and surface dirt. NO steel wool or solvents.

Swivomatic BD spur brackets won’t lock the spurs in place but all the pieces are there.

Swivomatic tom arm has a slight bend near the top of the vertical piece. The horizontal section of the arm that holds the tom appears to be straight.

The BD mount that holds the tom arm will tighten properly with only moderate pressure.

Like the BD spur brackets, the mounting bracket on the tom will not hold the tom in place but all the parts are there.

The BD cymbal mount (that is the same as the Floor tom leg mounts of that era) is intact. However, the two adjustment screws are not original.

Script badges, lug casings, internal tom muffler all work and are original.

I have not touched the bearing edges.

If you are not interested in buying I would appreciate input on what you think these are worth today.

If you would like to make an offer, please do.

Thanks for your time.

Posted on 7 years ago

Hey Nash

Would love to see some pics

No Guru - I just love collecting & learning about vintage drums!

Some of my favorites from the kits in the collection
58 WFL New Yorker Blue Sparkle
67 Ludwig Hollywood Red Psychedelic
69 Ludwig Standard Red Ruby Strata
70's Ludwig BOP "Ringo" Kit

A few of my favorite snares
20's Leedy Black Elite
51 Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension
58 WFL Buddy Rich Classic Blue Sparkle
63 Walberg & Auge Sea Blue Agave Green Pearl
66 Leedy Shelly Manne Blue Agate Pearl
Posted on 7 years ago

thought I posted a few when I submitted the post. Got plenty, thanks for asking.

Posted on 7 years ago

and some more.

Posted on 7 years ago
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