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Rogers Holiday 8 x 12 Tom Champagne Sparkle Cleveland Last viewed: 19 minutes ago

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Nice, all original. Very good shape, with collet, socket in good shape. Original heads.

No photos, but happy to upload photos if anyone is interested. It looks really good! Grey painted interior and Cleveland paper tag. Script badge intact. Original hoops and tension rods. Internal muffler, all in great condition.

Asking $400, shipping from Europe, so ask for shipping prices.

Feel free to make an offer if you're interested.

Posted on 1 year ago
Posts: 1343 Threads: 172

A lot of famous rock star drummers have certain obligations to whatever drum company endorses them, plus they probably get their kits for free, and, a lot of them are not even gear heads, like us drum nerds. The Slingy kit might mean the world to you, but mister rock star guy, whoever he is, probably doesn't care too much about them.

You could always give the kit to me if you want. I'd appreciate the heck out of it, but seriously, probably best to just keep it.

Posted on 3 months ago
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