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Rogers Holiday (1960's) - Information inquiry


Hi Guys... another lefty playing black Rogers Holiday Kit.... I believe to be around 1964 I have had them since 1968 . Original color - Red Wine Swirl. They have Ajax fittings and also Gretch Cymbal mount on Bass drum and floor tom leg mounts... Any Information would be great... all have interior labels... and are painted the original grey color.

Regards Hutch

Posted on 8 years ago

From maetes

I agree with the dating of the Toms but I am very insecure about the Bass Drum. A Holiday Serial #7xxx should be before 1958 and would have B&B Lugs. Your Picture is quite small, the Beavertails on the Toms are evident. The BD looks like Beavertails, too. That doesn't match together....

I too have a Cleveland 18" bass very close in serial as yours..

So I would concur it's legit...

Bop iT / Til U Drop iT.

1964 Cleveland,.18/14/12 in WMP
1966 Cleveland, 20/14/12 O'natural.
Fullerton,...20/16/13/12 Silver Glass

1957 B/R Super Classics In WMP

Wood & COB Powertones,
Wood & COB Dynasonics,
57 Jazz Festival

Zildjian avedis cymbals.
40s/60s era.
Posted on 8 years ago
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