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Rogers Black/Gold duco 14" floor tom


Looking for a 14" Rogers Cleveland era floor tom in black/gold duco finish, either holiday or tower model.

How rare are these drums?


Posted on 8 years ago

Who wants to tell him...!

Bop iT / Til U Drop iT.

1964 Cleveland,.18/14/12 in WMP
1966 Cleveland, 20/14/12 O'natural.
Fullerton,...20/16/13/12 Silver Glass

1957 B/R Super Classics In WMP

Wood & COB Powertones,
Wood & COB Dynasonics,
57 Jazz Festival

Zildjian avedis cymbals.
40s/60s era.
Posted on 8 years ago

Very rare? Some sort of holy grail? Do they exist?

Posted on 8 years ago

Chicago Music Exchange had this one available a short time ago and it sold for $1,187.15.

I love the color, and even jccabinets might like half the color. Laughing H

Posted on 8 years ago

Not a 14x14 by the way, so as yet the 14x14 could well be extremely rare. Even so, the 16x16 looks good with this set-up.

Posted on 8 years ago

So these are the drums I have! I just bought it from CME. Am looking for the rare 14" floor tom.

Any opinions about Mercury lugs on the bass drum? Is it worth doing a modification to replace the Mercury with tower bass drum hardware so that I can tune both batter and reso heads independently?

Thanks for all the help!!

Posted on 8 years ago

Should be an easy swap with no actual modifications. My guess is the lug you need is essentially the same used on a PowerTone snare. Could be too that you could put inserts in the ones you have. Should be plenty of the tension rods, and the guys here may even have them. If not, eBay for sure.

Posted on 8 years ago

That's super helpful. Thanks!

Yes, I think tower lugs from a floor tom would also work on the bass drum, just need to find T-rods.

I think inserts would require me widening the hole size in the Mercury lugs, which I would rather avoid.

Posted on 8 years ago