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Recco MIJ Kit for sale 22,14,13,16


Entertaining offers on this very cool, apparently very rare "Recco" badge "Made In Japan" stencil drum kit from the late 60's/early 70's. I rescued this kit from a basement a couple of years ago. It was dusty. It was grimy. But it was all there, 100% original. The bass drum was stuffed with newspaper from Feb. 14 1973! I spent what seemed like countless hours disassembling and thoroughly cleaning all the hardware. I cleaned and waxed the original blue sparkle wrap, bringing back its original luster. I primed and painted the bass drum hoops black, the inlay on both hoops is 100% complete and all-original. I think this thing is as close to a time-capsule MIJ kit as you will find, it probably could be considered a museum piece, 8/10. All the hoops, tension rods, bass drum claws, legs, etc, are original and in amazing shape for their age, the chrome on this thing is amazing! The only thing this kit was missing was the original bass-drum-mounted cymbal arm. I purchased an original time-period correct replacement (from a member of this forum) which will be included.

All of the bearing edges on this kit are original and have NOT been modified or touched in any way. All the re-rings are solid, no separation, the wrap on the whole kit is tight and in amazing shape considering it's age.

Also included will be this kit's bass drum pedal (which I did not restore), a 15" crash cymbal, ALL of the original drum heads (unless you don't want them-it won't effect the price) as well as the NEW Remo Ambassador bass drum head that I created with the Recco name on it. The snare stand is NOT included. All other "new" drum heads are NOT included.

All the drums are standard sizes:

Bass Drum 22x14

Snare 14x5

Rack Tom 13x9

Floor Tom 16x16

I have a LOT of other pictures of these drums so if there is something you want to see just let me know.

I really do not want to ship this thing, but if needed I can get a quote together for you once we come to an agreement on price. I live in St. Louis, MO and would be willing to drive 100 miles if that helps, and I'd rather sell it to a forum member rather than have to resort to CL or Ebay.

Thanks for looking, more pics to come!

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Posted on 6 years ago

Here is what it looked like before I restored it.

Posted on 6 years ago

And here are some pictures I took today of the insides and such...

Posted on 6 years ago
Posted on 6 years ago
Posted on 6 years ago

Now, that is one cool MIJ kit! I've got the exact same snare drum and it's obvious it was an attempt at a Rogers clone!

That being said, VDF rules state that you must supply an asking price. My advise is to list a price and note that you will accept fair and reasonable offers.

Good luck on this excellent Recco kit!


Posted on 6 years ago

That is clean. Very impressive for the age.

Thanks to Mr. Jerry Jenkins
Posted on 6 years ago

If I put it on Ebay I'd probably ask at least $499, but entertain best offers. Thanks!

Posted on 6 years ago

Kit has been sold. Thanks!

Posted on 6 years ago
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