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Psychedelic Red 1969 Kick Restore


Hi there- I'm putting together a Frankenstein vintage kit and am starting with the kick drum.

I got a 1969 Keystone badge psychedelic red kick drum size 22". It's pretty incomplete.

I'm looking for the following pieces- not looking for reproduction stuff, trying to find the original parts:

- psychedelic red wrap, enough for one (1) bass drum hoop

- screws / washers for one (1) lug

- spurs

- Ten (10) Tension rods

- Twelve (12) claws (for t-rods)

Posted on 5 years ago

The original psych inlay for the bass drum may be pretty difficult to find. There are some pretty good re-makes out there that will work well though. Find those parts should be fairly easy. I'm sure a few will chime in that have most, if not all, of the parts you're looking for.

We like photos here! Post some of the drum if you get a chance guitar3


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Posted on 5 years ago