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Please Read - What will be deleted


[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]1. This is NOT directed at any one person.

2. This is open for discussion

3. Suggestions will be considered

I talked to our Super Admin Tommyp on the phone at length about the topic of what to delete or not to delete going forward.

So we wanted to create a list of topics that will be deleted and some that are open for discussion and interpretation, but should no longer be created because they might get deleted.

We feel this is the only way to keep the forum on track and move it in the direction of preserving history.

The mention of cliques did come up and it is important to understand, we want a "Functional" community of drummers. This would entail taking the friendships behind the scenes or on other personal levels and not on the forefront of the posts on this forum. This will in itself will help the situation. Use the PM system more, pick up a phone or send a direct email.[/FONT][/COLOR]


We will delete these posts if they are not *structured* correctly:

1. Links to eBay

2. Links to Craigslist

3. Links to other forums that are just to send people away

4. Links to any other auction site

5. Product or Web Site promotions

6. How much is this drum worth (go to

[/FONT][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]*structured* - includes photos, text and an actual topic of discussion.[/FONT][/COLOR]


These types of posts (below) will be discussed prior to deletion, but will probably be deleted immediately:

Any topic which would be considered "Pals" talking about life which leaves open ended discussions which will eventually turn into a debate, form cliques, create groups that continue to go against each other. These topics really do not help the history. [/FONT][/COLOR]


[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]Some of these might start like:

1. What is the best drum color

2. This "company name" hardware sucks

3. Who makes the best drums

4. Check out my video

5. Who listens to "Fill in the blank"

6. This happened at my gig

7. The guitar player did this last night

8. Any mention of a specific dealer that is not constructive in some way.

There will be some hurt feelings or people that do not read this post and then get something deleted, but we are here for advancement of drum history. (Link people directly to this post.)[/FONT][/COLOR]


As we create friendships we need to try and keep them apart from dealing with posts and new members.

Think of it as a business level work relationship! You can go out and have fun with the people from work, but come Monday morning it is back to focusing on the job at hand.

The "world" is our boss and when people come here, they will make the decision if this is the place to get the help they need and the answer to the question they really need help with.

"Ask a question, get an answer"


Posted on 13 years ago

Okay... now's a good time for me to chime in on this, and these comments are directed to our membership, et al:

In the most simple terms: Continue doing as you have been!... it's really that simple. Don't dwell on the "deletion parameters" as in most cases, you won't even be affected. I think what will be allowed and/or deleted will become pretty apparent as time goes on. But again, most all of the membership will notice very little. And so with that, carry on men!... and women where applicable!


Posted on 13 years ago
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