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Oct 25, 2010 - Pending Changes Last viewed: 21 minutes ago


I pitched the topic in the past about a better selling and buying option.

This change will be happening in the coming weeks and I need the support of the members here.

Unfortunately the forum software does not integrate with the new software, so it will require everyone that wants to use the new service to create a new account. It is up to the members if they want to use the same UserID and password there as here to keep them similar with people looking for sellers.

The three section here "Wanted to Buy" , "For Sale" and "Trade" will all be handled in a new system. I'm still contemplating the best way to keep the sections here and then "US" linking to the other site.

It is not the best method, but the people just using this place as a feeding ground could no longer use it that way.

More as it progresses


Posted on 13 years ago

I am all for this for sure! This should weed out some of the, as you put it yourself David, "people just using this place as a feeding ground."

You know who you are people....:p

Posted on 13 years ago
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