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Oct 25, 2009 - Ludwig 8MM Videos


Hello everyone!

I just uploaded a video showing you how Ludwig made Drumheads!

Part I is the cutting of the materials and the forming of the head.

Part II is the trimming of the hoops, foruming the chanel, making the head, spraying the coating on the head and stamping with the Ludwig Logo!!!!

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Here is the YouTube Chanel!

Ludwig Drum Videos



Posted on 14 years ago

Great stuff David!

They make them the EXACT same way today in the Monroe factory! Contrary to popular opinion, they are still made in-house to this day! Yes Sir

Posted on 13 years ago

wow,you guys really get into everything historic! the vids are better than what i've been ending you. cool stuff. for drum parts, drum promos , swag, promo media and more for sale
Posted on 13 years ago
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