Hello! I have been communicating with the Doc for awhile.. He has been VERY busy with non-drum related business.

He was very kind to send an article prior to leaving again. This is also why he has not checked in to the forum and answered questions.

So here is the next installment and the one I have been waiting for with much anticipation "Slingerland Zoomatic Strainers 1962-2003"

Sweet article that covers more about the strainer then we would ever thought was possible!

This information is priceless to us vintage drum collectors and historians. The Dr's work is a benchmark for the industry. His information will give others information that they will then use in forum posts and web sites.

If you do decide to use this information, please link to this web site and the Dr's great work.

It is just common courtesy to give credit to the people that give you information to improve your understanding of vintage drum history.

Here is the newest article

Slingerland Zoomatic Snare Drum Strainers

Thanks Doc!