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Nov 30, 2010 - TV show! for drummers


The Bill Ludwig III interview just went live today... Subscribe! lots of cool shows on the horizon.

Oh and we did win a Sony Google TV in the recent Youtube Contest which will be announced tomorrow!!!Cool1

As the show grows more drum gear will be featured and new drum products available for people to win.


Posted on 13 years ago

This is just to freakin cool Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1960's SONOR 12-16-20-14 blue slate pearl
1968 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14Sky blue P
1972 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14BlueVistalite
1972 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-(14 impostor)BlackPanther "SOLD"
1964 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl 22-12-13-16-14Supra "SOLD"
1969 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14 Citrus Mod "SOLD"
1969 LUDWIG Sexto-Plus 8-1 0-12-13-14-15-16-20-20-14 Silver Sparkle
60's Majestic Delux 12-13-16-22-14 red pearl
2009 Homemade Kids 8-10-13-16-12 Orange Sparkle
24 kits, 80 Snares, 65 Cymbals
Don't tell my wife!
Posted on 13 years ago

Hey thanks!

Lots more coming up...

Doing the Carr/Sister interview this Friday evening! and the 70's part is the KISS drummer that never made it :)


Posted on 13 years ago
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