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I picked up a Del Rey snare and a St George Hollywood snare in the past couple weeks for cheap. I spent the weekend disassembling and cleaning all of the hardware and wrap to get them into as-good-as-new condition.

Brasso for the hardware and Novus 2 and 1 for the wraps.

I think they look pretty good, heading to the studio tonight to see how they sound.


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Posted on 6 years ago
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Very nice looking drums! Those Del Rey badges are really neat. Nice job on the detailing.


Posted on 6 years ago

Very nice job on them. I love the black pearl drums ! I have a few Del Ray snares and they are built pretty well.


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Posted on 6 years ago

I like the Del Rey badge a lot. The drum little weak sounding, but it has a nice thud to it.

I actually have some other St George Hollywood drums and I think they sound pretty great. They are built reasonably well, good quality parts and re-rings help them have some more body.

Posted on 6 years ago

Loving those!

When it comes to how they sound - IMHO the thicker the shell the better.

I have a Star made thick shell (Luan of course) and I can't believe how good it sounds. I am putting it up there with among the best I own. It could be the edges and the head/wire combination.

(I know you are wondering)

....just the standard Remo AMb Coated top / Clear "Amb Snare" reso (not hazy, big Remo logo....indicating a modern one I believe).

Puresound wires - but honestly not sure if they are Blasters or not. It does not say Blaster on them, so maybe they are the Custom wires?

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Posted on 6 years ago