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New MIJ find - Cadet badge - any input


Hey everybody, hope all is well and everyone's staying safe out there.

I just picked up this little MIJ kit - the toms and bass drum are "Cadet" and the snare is "Bollero", which I've seen before. I don't actually have the drums in hand yet as I had a friend pick them up for me in a neighboring city. Killer deal, looks like I'm only missing a hoop, some FT legs and a bass drum leg.

Anyone familiar? I've had lots of MIJ kits but none with the center lugs or those style of floor tom mounts. Would love any info people have about age or who made them originally.

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Posted on 4 years ago
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Congrats on the great deal!! They should clean up nicely...I would use Novus on the wrap...

They look to be made by Pearl...I believe the Bollero name is of Pearl decent...I could be wrong about that though...

Enjoy the restoration/clean-up process!!


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Posted on 4 years ago

Yeah, that looks like a great pick-up. Heck, you can't buy a decent lunch for $25!

I don't know from experience, but I hear the center lug MIJs can be a little on the flimsy side, so maybe you need to be a bit gentle on them. That's a great looking wrap and they should look great when cleaned up. I don't know the brand, but there are so many, it's hard to know them all. I'm going to guess mid to late 60s, just because that was the MIJ heyday.

Good luck, give us some pics when they're cleaned up and set up!

Posted on 4 years ago

A great find for $25!! The lugs and tone control knob are definitely Pearl from about 1968. Cadet is just another stencil name. Enjoy the restoration. Post pictures when complete!


Posted on 4 years ago
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Everything points towards Pearl. Should be a fine specimen when cleaned up. All the hardware matches with center lugs and all. Sweet deal.

Keep fixing them up...
Posted on 4 years ago

Anyone sitting on a lot of MIJ/Pearl parts? I'm missing the following:

6 - tension rods for 12" tom (they're longer than standard - I will measure when I can)

2 - bass drum spurs and mounts (I only really need one, but I will buy a pair if need be)

There is also a factory hole in the front center of the bass drum which looks the right size for a disappearing cymbal mount. There are no surrounding holes, so I figure it must be the type that are just like a disappearing spur with one big nut on the inside. So I'm looking for either a proper mount or an extra BD spur mount (if there is a difference). I don't need the cymbal holder, just the mount.

If you've got any or all of this stuff and are willing to part with it, please get in touch!

"I've met cats and dogs smarter than Cory and Trevor."
Posted on 4 years ago