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my babies...


top left to bottom right:

SuperLudwig 14x5 (ca. 1924)

Super 400 14x5 (COB Supra pre Serial 1960)

SuperSensitive 14x6,5 (1966)

Supraphonic 14x6,5 (70's)

SuperSensitive 14x5 (70's)

Supraphonic 14x5 (70's)

blue Vistalite 14x5 (70's)

SuperClassic (black diamond pearl) 14x5 (1966)

Pioneer (champagne sparkle) 14x5 (1963)

Woodshell Seperate Tension 14x4,5 (1920s)

Acrolite 14x5 (70's)

Universal model (1924-1928)

Standard (gold strata) 14x5 (70's)

Pearl Steve Ferrone Sign.

Pearl MHX

Dixon Piccolo

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Posted on 14 years ago
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Top collection - so space conscious too!

Tama Superstar, 22, 22, 16, 14, 13 Desert Burst
Premier Genista, 22, 16, 13, 12 Black Lacquer
Premier Genista, 20, 14, 10 and snare Black Lacquer
Premier Resonator 22, 16, 14, 13 poly creme/black
Zickos 22, 16, 14, 13, clear acrylic and snare
Posted on 14 years ago

Nice work there. You're not a Ludwig fan or something are you?!? Cool Dude

Posted on 14 years ago

This is why I think vintage drum collecting is such a cool hobby. When you find everything you want(Never done with what you want) you can just look and tell yourself my life is complete.

Recent Purchases
-1961 SBP Pioneer Snare Drum
-1962 SBP Super Classic w/ Matching COB Supra

Working On
-1963 Red Sparkle Hollywood w/ matching Super Classic Snare

Recently Completed
-1964 WMP Super Classic
Posted on 14 years ago

thats quite a collection

Posted on 14 years ago