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May 29, 2008 - Ludwig Snare Drums


As stated in a previous update I would revisit the Ludwig Snare Drum Page and get that in order.

Well, I was able to spend the last two nights really beefing that up and I have even more to add!

You will notice the LVDC on each image instead of the VSD because I was given a most generous gift which saved me countless hours of scanning and allowed me the opportunity to put that together in record time...

Let me also explain why I have the web site set up the way it is...

You see, it is very time consuming to put a complete catalog up on the web site unless it is zipped for download. There is another site by Andy

Youell called Drum Archive that has a nice listing of catalogs, but you have to download them to see them..

Side Note: (Of course my scans found there way to his web site, probably someone doing "Research" and became part of his archive. Andy was nice enough to provide a link back to me after I brought it to his attention..)

So if you have a Ludwig Snare Drum and you want to find out what it is, you really do not want to have to find each catalog and download it..

So, you go to the Ludwig Snare Drum Page and there they all are in a row year by year...

Same for the badges, drum sets and also the finishes.. This web site is set up for identification in a fast and timely manner...

Many times when posts come up, I just send them to the page that has the information..

Also, I have been spelling out words and titles on every page and even in these posts for search engines... Remember, if I say Snare rather then Ludwig Snare Drum the search engines will pick up on that..

So I named all of the drums on each page and spelled out Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare Drum or Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum.

So if a person is searching on Google and Yahoo, they hopefully find this web site..

The more new content the higher the site ranks...


Posted on 16 years ago

Added another 5 different years to the Ludwig Snare Drum page.

Moving back to Rogers Snare Drums and getting that up to speed.


Posted on 16 years ago
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