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March 3, 2008- Why I get Po'd


Here is a classic example of why I get upset about images taken from the web site.. Why no credit? no mention?

Click Here

The two round badges are from my badge page.... How did they end up on the Gretsch Web Site?


Posted on 16 years ago

Arent they the people who kill any ebay auction that mentions the G name in passing?

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Posted on 16 years ago

Kind of an interesting conundrum here. Gretsch made the drums and therefore, the badges. Without Gretsch, you wouldn't have pictures of the badges. Can Gretsch control the public use of images of their product, or even the name Gretsch if mentioned in an eBay auction? Can any company?

What's wrong with posting another makers kit on eBay and saying "The sound is somewhat Gretsch-like" - Or something similar?

Still, they should have given you or the site a mention, since you went and did all the work for them.

I'm about midway through reading the Gretsch Book by Falzerano. They seemed like a really cool company, back in the day. Wonder what happened?

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Posted on 16 years ago
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I have no idea if this works or not..

Be the pain that complains... do the whois search and send the domain owner a complaint.

Or maybe post their email address out here and we can all send them complaints as well.

I guess the real goal would be to get credit for the photo which would generate more traffic on your site.

It's a tough one!

Not a Guru... just interested..
Posted on 16 years ago

John Sheridan who wrote the article does a lot of articles for drum magazines so what probably happened is someone at Gretsch just searched around for the images to complement his article... I would think that is what happened.

I do not have the original article to see of they are in the printed version. Also, I'm just talking about the two round badge images..

Since the folks at Classic Drummer are my friends, I just thought it best to leave things alone....

This happens a lot and yes, once I put it on the site anyone will take it and use it...

It is just a little mention that the images were taken from "............"

Regardless, I really have to get over this.....


Posted on 16 years ago
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