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March 23, 2009 - Royal Drums Article


I some times take an hour or so and search on Google and Yahoo for people that are linking to our web sites. It keeps me in check with the World!

So I found this forum linked in a Dutch web site and after translating it to English was able to read the post.

From that I contacted the webmaster about doing an article for the sites.

He was very kind and willing to work with me and he sent me this article and attached were 20 or more photos! All about Royal and Triumph drums which I have to admit I did not know much about.

I have the badges on the badge page, but no real history, let alone photos of the owners and the story of how the company started.

I left his text just the way he wrote it since he is not fluent in writing English because I liked the way it worked with the story. Maybe some day in the future I will clean it up, but for now it is staying this way.

Click the photo of the brass shell bending machine.


Enjoy, I had fun creating the graphic for this and an article like this with graphics and so many photos takes about 4 hours to complete....


Posted on 15 years ago

I just added 36 more photos to the photo page for Royal Drums Take a look. Click the picture above. David

Posted on 15 years ago
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