I was not sure exactly how to title this post, but one of our very own has entered the article/research division of the team.

We had been communicating about different topics and he has some pondering research questions that he was trying to pinpoint the history..

So in the event that someone on the forum knows the answer or has the substantiating evidence we will update the pondering questions page so if there are other vintage people lost in thought about these same topics, they will be able to find the answers.

Also, this content is temporarily on one of the new domains, because I'm lacking content and need articles of any kind...

Eventually it will move to the main VDG web site. This page and link will secure its place in the vintage drum community.

Drumming Web Site Questions


The questions are:

When did tension casings (lug casings) replace tube lugs? And who introduced

the first ones?

When did the rail consolette single tom holder replace the hoop-clamp holder?

And who had the consolette first?

When did the first metal legs appear on floor toms? Who was first to use them?

When did permanent bass drum spurs replace hoop-clamp spurs, and who had

them first?

When did the first free-standing cymbal stands appear?

and my personal pondering question.....

Who was the first drummer to be recorded playing with drum brushes?