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March 13, 2011 - Ludwig Reversible Pedal


Hello folks. I have mentioned many times I have some very interesting and insightful history about vintage drums.

Here is a letter from 1953 that went from Bob Andre in purchasing to William F Ludwig I and back to Bob.

It is discussing the new reversible pedal and designing the linkage. There is some other dialogue and personal issues with another employee.

You will also read production information, manufacturing delays and new machines added to the company.

WFLI is not happy with the statements made and suggests they increase hours, shifts and even hire more employees. He suggests keeping with telling dealers 2 to 3 weeks instead of 5 to 6 because it would be a disaster to the business. He even says overnight delivery with L&L is what put Leedy out of business.

Enjoy! Click the image.


Posted on 13 years ago

Awesome! I love this kind of stuff-- primary sources are priceless. Love how Ludwig cites that the design of the pedal is appropriate "especially since B.D.'s are getting smaller and smaller."

Posted on 13 years ago
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